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The Computer Navigation System Knee Replacement

Computer navigation in total joint surgery is a relatively new and exciting technology.  Patients have become selective consumers and desire smaller, less invasive incisions to get back to busy lifestyles faster than ever before.  The use of computer navigation in joint surgery can result in faster recovery, less discomfort, fewer complications and a more durable longer lasting knee.

Orthopedic surgeons and bio-engineers agree the key to longer lasting knee implants is near "prefect" alignment to minimize wear, much like the need to align tires on a care.  The computerized navigation system plans and more accurately executes the positioning of knee implants.  Much like the "GPS" system in a new car, the system calculates the best position and angle to make bone cuts, resulting in a more balanced and aligned knee replacement.  As Dr. Hudson says, "The risk of smaller incisions is that minor misalignment of prosthetic components can compromise outcome.  This type of surgery allows me to operate through a smaller incision with increased accuracy, limb alignment and balance, which can result in a more durable, long lasting knee."

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